Beneath The Tree

Somewhere under the tree
My presents are waitin’ for me
Every gift that’s on my list, hey
Our stockings are full—all from Santa

Somewhere beyond that tree
He’s there by the chimney
If we could fly like reindeer on high
Then straight to his sled, we’d find Santa

You know he’s far by the north pole
He’s near down at the mall
I know beyond a doubt
That we will get it all

If not we’ll meet down at the store
We’ll shop like never before (5, 6, 7, 8)
For presents to be beneath the tree
And never again we’ll ask Santa


I know, yes I know, beyond a d-o-u-t
That you and me will get it all

We’ll meet down the street at the boutique
where it’s sweet, mm, and we’ll buy each other a treat
Goodies for we beneath the swingin’ old tree
And never again we’ll ask Santa

No no, bye bye

Parody of Bobby Darin’s version of Beyond The Sea by Charles Trenet & Albert Lasry & Jack Lawrence
Parody lyrics by Joel Kopischke © 2005

Vocals: Joel Kopischke
Drums: Del Bennett
Bass: Chris Kringel
Keyboards: Larry Moore
Guitar: Mike DeRose
Trumpet: Jeff Pietrangelo
Trombone: Mark Hoelscher
Sax: John Hibler

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