Bowling Wonderland

Out of the house we sneak out of sight
It’s Christmas Eve, but it’s bowling league night
Da wife will sure yell as
Me and the fellas go bowlin’

Here’s the ting, can you hear me
In the lanes people fear me
I got the fame from my 300 game
Bowlin’ in a league at Bay View Lanes

Far away we’re in first place
No one plays near to our pace
It’s a sure bet, unless we forfeit
That’s why we are bowling Christmas Eve

When I quit the guys have all placed a claim
On all my stuff, like my bowling shirt
They’ll bronze it all and put it in the hall of fame
All except my balls, ‘cuz that would hurt

It’s beer frame, are you bettin’?
In the lane pins are settin’
Oh a beautiful sight, then I throw a strike
Bowlin’ in a league at Bay View Lanes

Hey, Stasch, ha! Didja see that one?
Anudder strike for you-know-who. Hey, now you’re up.
Eh, let’s see what you got, Stasch buddy.
Oh, ho ho ho. Nice try Stasch, but you left the
five pin—you know what dat means. And here I
thought that was just a beer gut you got there.

In the playoffs we will kick some heinies
And we’ll mark in every single frame
We’ll have lots of fun and drink some Leinie’s
Oh let’s hope that we don’t miss a Packer game

This league is done
One more we’ll quick join
Cuz it’s more fun
Than a strip joint
We’ll drink beer and play
The Cudahy way
Bowlin’ in a league at Bay View Lanes
Bowlin’ in a league at Bay View Lanes
We’re bowlin’ in a league at Bay View Lanes

Parody of Winter Wonderland by Felix Bernard & Dick Smith
Parody lyrics by Joel Kopischke © 2005

Vocals: Joel Kopischke
Drums: Del Bennett
Bass: Chris Kringel
Keyboards: Larry Moore
Guitar: Mike DeRose
Bowlers: The Cudahy Carolers™ – Paul Helm, Joel Kopischke, Christina Krasovich, and Christine O’Meally (and in spirit Rhonda Rae Busch, Chris “Stasch” Flieller, Jamie Johns, Allison Katula, Raeleen MacMillion, Kathleen Miller, Kristen Pawlowski, and Ken Williams)

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